New Study Suggests Orally Administered CBD Reduces Blood Pressure

I’m always on the lookout for new information regarding my favorite cannabinoid. More information is becoming available because CBD is getting more popular as more people learn about it. This momentum has caught the eyes of researchers around the world, and more research is being conducting right now. Hopefully in the long run this will lead to easier access to all forms of cannabis, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Today’s news was nice to read and I’m eager to share it with you. Here’s a quick quote that summarizes the research and a link to the report, just in case you’re in a hurry.

Quick Summary: “CBD reduced resting systolic BP (–6 mmHg; P < 0.05) and stroke volume (–8 ml; P < 0.05), with increased heart rate (HR) and maintained cardiac output”

Link to report:

Take Notes

Whenever a study is conducted, it’s important to look at the methods they used and who they tested. It allows you to put the results into context. Never just read the results and go parading them around like they’re law. Always do your due diligence so you can be knowledgeable and thorough. I’m going to report some of the most important elements of the study for you.

The first thing that jumped out at me was the sample size. This trial was only conducted with 9 people, all healthy males. So right away I realized that the sample size was not very large. That doesn’t mean the results are invalid, it just means when you’re trying to convince someone how amazing CBD is, be ready for them to say that 9 people isn’t enough to be significant. But if you frame it and address the small sample size, maybe by bringing up another supporting study, then you’re in a better position to spread the wonders of CBD. Also, it’s important to note that the CBD was administered orally and they were only given one dose.

This trial was a randomized, double-blind study which is always good. It was also placebo controlled, which is good information to know. So what we have here seems to be a well-organized, double-blind trial conducted on 9 healthy males. Now let’s take a look at the results.


The main result of the study was the fact that the blood pressure of the men who took CBD decreased by 6 mm Hg. But what does that even mean? I had no idea about how blood pressure is measured and what is considered healthy, until I first learned about the CBD research.

blood pressure chartBlood pressure is measured in mm Hg, which is short for millimeters of mercury. As you can see from the chart pictured on the right, a healthy systolic blood pressure is under 120 and a healthy diastolic level is less than 80 (1). This would read as 120/80 mm Hg.

To me, that means dropping 6 points is actually significant. If your systolic reading was in th low prehypertension range, it could bring you back down to normal…in a single dose! That’s the kicker here. The participants weren’t using CBD for very long, they just had one dose. I’d be interested in seeing the effects of CBD on blood pressure over the courses of a month with regular use. That would be a hard study to conduct because there are so many variables that effect blood pressure. I would still be interested in the results, even though they might not be clear enough to be definitive.

My Thoughts

This is great news! But honestly, if you’ve been following the research for a while this should come as no surprise.

I have read a lot of research on cannabidiol, and I do remember reading some on blood pressure. I will look for it later and post links at the bottom of this article, but for now I want to get this published so everyone can be aware of the latest reports.

At this point, very little positive research would surprise me. After initially learning about all the conditions that people and researchers have suggested that CBD can helps with, I have learned to think of it as a supplement with a lot of potential. The research is young right now, but it’s already showing a long list of promising suggestions. I could only imagine that list gets longer over time. What would surprise me more would be some research that suggests CBD is useless for a condition on the list over at Project CBD. That would be a shocker.

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