Will CBD Vape Oil Get You High

In today’s world, anything is possible due to companies operating haphazardly. Whether it gets you high or not depends on which type of oil you buy. If you’re buying online, unfortunately the real concern is if you even have legitimate CBD oil at at all.

Millions of Americans don’t have access to a local dispensary. Even in states with medical marijuana, sometimes it’s too expensive to get a card. In California used to be able to get one for $40, but now it’s recreational. In a state like with a new MMJ program like Florida, it costs around $400 to get your medical card. You could buy a lot of real CBD for that price. If you live in a state with an medical program and you can afford it, it’s a good way to get your oil.

cbd get highDispensaries are more trusted than online shops because they had to spends a ton of money to get the proper licenses, leases, and products. With a large investment on the line, you’re not going to sell fake products, risking sometimes over a million dollars. No, you’re going to search for the best products possible. Online stores have very little startup costs, which enables anyone with a compute to become a CBD retailer overnight. Literally, you can setup a store in one day. You can start off by drop shipping someone else’s product and eventually start stocking your own. That means you can become a retailer for as little as $36. That’s why there’s more fake CBD oil online than in the dispensaries.

CBD Might Make You High

Whether you CBD vape juice gets you high or not depends on which type it is. If it is derived from a CBD rich marijuana strain, it will contain a sizable amount of THC and you will get high. This type of CBD is only legal in states with medical or recreational marijuana. However, even in those states it’s still illegal federally. To buy this kind of oil, you’ll have to go to a dispensary or use a local delivery service.

If your CBD is derived from hemp, it will not get you high. Hemp contains trace amounts of THC, which usually isn’t enough to trigger a positive drug test result, let alone get you high. Hemp derived CBD is not psychoactive. It usually contains far less than 1% THC. Since this kind of oil contains barely THC, it is legal nationwide. Thus, you can order it online from anywhere in the country. This is both good and bad.

It’s great because it allows people to get one of the best dietary supplements known to man, without having to deal with federal or state regulations. But it’s also bad because there’s nobody checking to see if suppliers are being truthful with their claims.

Are You Getting Scammed?

The real problem with this kind of oil is finding a legitimate supplier. Due to the low barrier to entry, any and everybody can open up a hemp derived oil store. The test results published by the FDA were astounding. Most of the companies they tested didn’t have much CBD in their products at all. The amount was closer to trace levels than an actual serving. With this in mind, be careful as you shop for your e liquid.

The e liquid market is especially bad. It’s known for charging outrageous prices for products that won’t even deliver a serving at all. People don’t know much about CBD, so it’s easy to pull the wool over their eyes and companies are doing just that. I’ve seen shops charging north of $1/mg. You’d be paying $10-$25 per suggested serving. That’s not exactly what I’d call a bargain. It’s flat out ridiculous.

Even worse, these bottle often only have 1-2 servings in them. You’d have to vape half a bottle of e-liquid just to get an average sized serving. Chances are, you’re not ordering e juice so you can take 100 puffs before getting the amount of CBD you’re after. That’s not practical. If you’re paying these prices, or not getting real CBD oil at all, you’ve been scammed.

Legitimate Suppliers Do Exist

The good news is, legit companies are out there. You just have to go through the trouble of finding them. This usually involves a lot of trial and error and maybe hundreds of dollars, if not thousands. Trying a whole bunch of CBD vape oil from different companies sounds fun, until you’re doing it. It’d be more fun if most of them worked. Since they don’t, you’re usually left in pain, and eagerly looking for the next company to try.

You can’t even trust reviews these days either. They’re not policed and most of them are fabricated. Every now and then a company uses a third party review service, and even those are limited in their reliability. It’s easy to give family and friends a coupon that zeros out the cost of the item so they can leave a third party verified review. With hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, it happens more often than you’d think. I almost totally ignore reviews and just go off the vibe I get when visiting the site. It’s not an exact science, but I’ve found some pretty good oil after a bunch of testing.

Just watch out for those companies that are charging outlandish prices. That’s the #1 red flag. Anyone who’s heart is in their business is looking to help their customers achieve the best results, not take them to the cleaners. Of course, everyone wants to turn a profit, but that can still be done without charging an arm and a leg. Legit companies like to make their products available to the people who need it the most. A lot of times it’s hard to have a “normal” life when your’e in pain. This leads to a smaller or fixed income, making those crazy priced products inaccessible for many people. This might be a good thing, because those products usually are not the best.

It’s better to purchase from someone who’s heart is in their business. When business owners really care about their customers, it shows in their service and company practices.

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