You’re in the right place to find a strong and reliable CBD cartridge. That’s our whole purpose for existing, and we take it pretty seriously. We do dive into other products, but not until we’ve fully evaluated our go to method of delivery, vape pens.

When evaluating a product, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. I could write a book about each of these factors and the importance of them, but I won’t bore you right now. Testing does get a little boring and cumbersome, but it needs to be done. I’m going to briefly cover the major factors that we look for in a CBD pen.

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First and foremost, we take a deep look at the purity of the batch. The importance of this factor is pretty obvious. Some of the other factors are a lot less obvious, and can even boil down to personal preference. But purity is non-negotiable. It’s a must have because we all use these products in an effort to improve our health, not to make it worse. If certain chemicals and contaminants are found in the vape oil, then you have a good chance of making your health worse.

Your health is not something to play with, so we take this factor very seriously. If a company doesn’t provide the lab results of their latest batch, then there’s no way they can get five stars from us. No lab results, no dice. Even if everything else about the company was perfect, they’d only get 4 stars. Purity is so important to us, it gets its own star.



Next on the list is strength. We put this just below purity on our priority list because it’s massively important, but not as important as purity. The reason it’s not as important as purity is because if a product is weak, it won’t make your health worse like a contaminated product could. We realize the importance of getting a strong product, which is why it’s so high on our list. Strength is so important, we rank it above price. Price is always relative to strength, meaning strength is more important.

Strength is the second most important factor we consider. We regard it so highly because it’s the reason we use CBD in the first place. Strength is basically the measure of how potent the cartridge is. This is what tells us if we should give the cartridge a chance or not. If the lab results say there isn’t any CBD in the oil, or only 3%, we wouldn’t even buy this pen to evaluate it.

These pens have gotten me through a lot of tough times, and I sure as hell wouldn’t have been willing to stake my wellbeing on a weak little cartridge. Potency also tells us how practical a pen is. If you have to vape on it all day to get a regular serving, that isn’t very practical at all.

Nobody wants to wake up and have to take 100 puffs before starting their day. Weak pens are not welcome here.



Unfortunately, this is the main thing people judge a product by some times. I’ve been there, and it’s not a fun place to be but I understand. We all hit rough patches, but it’s important to remember that price is always relative.

That doesn’t mean that you should overpay because a company claims their price is backed by superior quality oil. That’s not what I’m saying at all. Basically, I’m saying two things. A product that works is worth more than a product that doesn’t. And price is relative to the amount of CBD or the potency.

I would rather buy a 0.5mL cartridge that’s 40% CBD than a 1mL cartridge that’s 10% CBD, assuming they cost the same price. Some people will see a bigger volume cartridge for the same price as a cartridge half its size and go for the bigger one. In this case, the bigger one is way weaker and actually has 100mg less CBD than the smaller cartridge. This kind of thing happens all the time.


Our #1 Recommendation

Now you know the three main factors we look at before all other things. We look at a bunch of smaller factors too, even as minute as how easy their website is to operate. All of the little things come together to make a company, and we try not to overlook these. However, we wouldn’t tell you not to try a product because their website isn’t up to snuff but we would mention it so you would know what to expect.

We’ve taken all of these factors into consideration and have selected a product as our number one recommendation. We do not take this process lightly and have spent countless hours in testing. After all things considered, there is one company that we feel has hit the mark in all of our major categories (Purity, Strength, Price) and the lion’s share of the smaller categories as well.